Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pea Straw?

Everyone loves peas (except our 3-year-old) and we are happy to have an incredible use for all the beneficial bits left behind after they are harvested! Farmers grow peas as a rotational crop as a natural way to add nitrogen back into the soil, or mainly – for us all to eat. What’s left behind after the peas are harvested (dry pods & vines & some left over peas) is what we collect, bale and deliver to your door as a hugely nutritional mulch – perfect for all types of gardens.
The biggest negative we often hear about pea straw is the low value for money with the garden or hardware store 90L bags. Just one of our bales contains approximately 3 – 4 times as much pea straw covering close to 10m2…and we deliver to you for free! (and minus the plastic)

Where does it come from?

We source our nutritious, top quality Pea straw from trusted, arable commercial growers where peas are of food grade and grown for human consumption. 


I’m worried about sprays – is your pea straw safe?

Absolutely. Our straw is sourced from incredible farmers growing peas for human consumption, or to be ploughed back into soil for a nutritional soil boost - meaning the straw is extremely safe. Our bales have been used in (literally) thousands of Auckland gardens for years with huge benefits - including our own vegetable gardens to this very day. If worms could talk they would certainly back us on this!
We also get the straw bales tested for further peace of mind…check out our google reviews for some great feedback!
Our bales are also commonly used for straw bale gardening!


I just buy the 90L bags – why bother with a bale?

We are here to provide a cheap, economical alternative to the bags – whilst keeping it easy as for you and delivering to your door. Our bales contain 3 – 4 times as much straw – all without the plastic. There's something quite special about seeing such a rural product like a bale sitting at your place!


Can I eat the peas that can sprout from this amazing mulch?

Yes! The pea shoots are delicious too… great on your favorite dish.

You have a bulky product…talk to me about delivery

We don’t courier any of our products – not reliable enough…so we deliver ourselves.

You will receive an email the night prior to delivery – and then an email just after we have delivered.

We don’t require you to be home (i.e. to sign for the delivery – we trust you)
We use a large van / small truck – fully sign written so you (and your neighbors) know it’s us.

We are happy to put your order anywhere that suits – feel free to leave delivery notes in the checkout section. (E.g under a tarp, next to the garage, in the barn, etc.)
Bales are not wrapped in plastic – they arrive as naked as the day we pick them up from the paddock. 

We aim to deliver your order within 7 business days of ordering. This does push out sometimes for areas outside of the main central suburbs. 

For those harder to reach areas of Auckland we wait to get as much of a full van load as we can before setting off to keep things economical and the delivery free of charge.

We keep it all really easy for you – you can read more on delivery here:
Delivery or Pick Up | Auckland Pea Straw


I think you may have forgotten about me! What do I do?

We pride ourselves on never forgetting about you. We have found those that contact us asking where their order is, are those that live fairly remotely – so we don’t head that direction as frequently. But please get in touch anyway!

If you would like an eta, or any info on your order you are more than welcome to drop us a line:

We don’t have a customer support team, when you email us you are emailing us directly (Marcus and Nicole) so rest assured responses will be prompt and clear. We typically clear emails each evening.