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Pea Straw Bale
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Pea Straw Bale

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Protect and feed your garden with our weed free pea straw mulch. A cost effective way to mulch your garden, making maintenance easier, and your plants healthier!

1 bale is enough for approx. 10m2 when used as a mulch.

Pea straw mulch can reduce the water a garden needs by up to 60%. The mulch prevents moisture from evaporating from the soil, but water can still soak through, into the soil beneath.

Applying a thick layer suppresses weeds and prevents unwanted seeds from germinating.

It quickly begins to decompose, which releases nutrients like nitrogen into the soil, which is especially useful for vegetable gardens that need a lot of it.

Organic matter in the soil increases by laying mulch over the top. This improves the structure and drainage of the soil, which in turn brings more earthworms and microbes.

Each bale is 41cm x 33cm x 85cm, and weighs around 13kg. Much better value for money than the typical garden centres.

There may be peas in the mulch which will grow into pea shoots, and you will get delicious garden peas from them!

Click this link for more info about mulching your garden