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Auckland Pea Straw

Pea Straw Bale - Garden Mulch

Pea Straw Bale - Garden Mulch

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Protect and feed your garden with our weed free pea straw. A cost-effective way to mulch your garden, making maintenance easier, and your plants healthier!

  • Reduces watering by up to 60%
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Feeds nitrogen back into the soil
  • Adds rich organic matter to the soil, vastly improving soil quality
  • Attracts & feeds worms!
  • 1 bale is enough for approx 9-10m2 when used as mulch
  • Delivered to your door, or pick up!
Each bale is approximately 41cm x 33cm x 85cm, and weighs around 11kg. Approximately 3 times as much straw as you get in a 90L bag from a garden centre!
There may be peas in the mulch which will grow into pea shoots. If you pick them young they are great on salads, or you can wait for the peas to grow and get delicious fresh garden peas.

Our Fodda Fertilisers go hand in hand with Pea Straw! Grab a bag with your bales today for a powerfully nutritious combination for your garden 

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