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Pea Straw Bale - Nitrogen Rich
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Pea Straw Bale

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Protect and feed your garden with our weed free pea straw from the fields of Ashburton in Canterbury.

Purchases of 10 or more will get an automatic 10% discount applied!

Each bale is 41cm x 33cm x 85cm, and weighs around 13kg. Much better value for money than the typical garden centres.

We have a huge amount of stock, just choose how many you want when purchasing.

Located about 5 minutes past Westgate, towards Kumeu

1 bale is enough for approx. 9m2.

Pea straw mulch prevents loss of soil moisture by evaporation, but still allows rain to penetrate to the soil. It can reduce required watering by up to 60%!

A thick layer of pea straw can actively suppress weeds from growing through the mulch layer and prevent seeds of weeds from germinating.

As pea straw mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients such as nitrogen back into the soil.

Pea straw increases the organic matter in the soil. This improves soil structure and drainage, and encourages earthworms and soil microbial activity.