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Fodda Natural Soil Enhancer

Fodda Natural Soil Enhancer

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Mix Fodda Natural Soil Enhancer into your garden beds before planting to give your plants the best start.

Non-toxic, odour free, 100% natural ingredients.

It helps detoxicate the soil of any remaining chemical residue from artificial fertilisers and enhances the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms. 

Discourages slugs and snails Odour-free (don’t get all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood at your place)

  • No blood and bone so animals aren't interested in it
  • Active bacteria increase the soil temperature
  • Encourages growth of micro-organisms
  • Supports the slow release of natural fertilisers already present in the soil
  • Natural elements help plants to take up nutrients
  • Improves water retention
  • Reduces the amount of phosphate and nitrate leaching into the waterways

100% Natural Ingredients

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